The Lockdown Effect


The COVID19 impact is far-reaching. Pets and their parents haven't been spared.

Pre-lockdown, the housemate and I respected each other's space. Mr Cat was only interested in ensuring his bowl had eats. And fresh water nearby. Otherwise, ignoring my existence was his hobby.

Lockdown Happened

After weeks of being quarantined together, one of us became needy. I cannot go anywhere in the house without being followed. The only respite is when Tuxie does what cats do best: sleeping.


His anxiety is in overdrive when I leave the house. To fend for us. From wailing - aka yowling (I even learnt a new word) to taking it out on any available rubber products (flip-flops are a favorite), I can hardly recognize the furry fella I took in three years ago.

I opted to have a cat with the expectation that felines are independent and indifferent creatures. It turns out: they have feelings. And each cat has its own personality.

Screen Time

We live; we learn.




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