Married to Work

Many a time when folks talk about work, it’s often to impress the listener. If you’re nailing it career-wise, you’re excelling at life. But… is it always the case?

There are plenty going through personal fragmentation, but they must be seen to succeed in the rat race. Their self-worth is tied to promotions and titles.

It’s a pathetic way to live. And that’s from experience. Some of my busiest professional years coincided with a mini-depression. The cheques were coming in. Big and fast. But something was amiss. And I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Over the years, I have learnt not to be defined by air-miles and working in the wee hours. After all, nobody’s eulogy is about how many hours they stayed awake. You will be remembered for what you gave to others. And TIME is one of the best gifts we can give others.

One of my favorite activities is to spend time with people I care about. WORK is not our main topic. We catch-up, wine, dine and laugh. Because that’s the essence of life.

Happy November.




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