HIV/AIDS is Ndiwulira (Stubborn)

Either HIV is a big-headed bug, or there's stuff the vaccine community is NOT telling the world. One of my earliest theatre recollections is the 90s Bakayimbira play "Ndiwulira." It is a story of the devastation visited by HIV/AIDS onto an extended family. I proper cried. Decades later, HIV/AIDS is very alive.

For 36 years, the closest humans have to HIV vaccine is Truvada: a fixed-dose combination ARV used to treat and PREVENT HIV/AIDS. There's a catch on the latter: Truvada must be taken DAILY. Whether you've copulation plans or don't intend to be sinful.

South Africa has enrolled thousands onto Truvada. They've the world's largest number of HIV/AIDS infections. It's understandable.

Fast-forward: the COVID19 pandemic is barely one year old, but the scientific community already has three or so vaccines ready for approval. Vaccine efficacy is between 70% and 95%.

Which begs the question: what is it about HIV/AIDS that scientists have failed to crack for decades, yet they're able to deliver on the COVID19 vaccine(s) within months?

For the overly optimistic: low-income countries will likely wait beyond 2022 to enroll their people onto mass COVID19 vaccination programs. The West has to first secure its populations. And big pharma gotta recoup its R&D investment.

It doesn't help our gallant public thieves cannot wait to partake of vaccinations money. They didn't disappoint with GAVI and Global Fund money. And appetite for thieving hasn't gone down.

For now: wear your mask. Blessed Week.




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